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ArCH Center Design Competition

The Architecture Center Houston and the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects sponsored a design competition for the design of a new facility.


The project was the design for the renovation of a newly acquired existing facility to meet the requirements of the sponsors.  The primer requirements were:

  • ŸThe facility shall have a high degree of visibility and be inviting to the public as well as AIA Members.

  • ŸFlexibility – The primary functions in the facility are exhibitions, classrooms, and meetings.  The facility should be easily changed to meet the organizations changing requirements.

  • Sustainability – The facility should exhibit as well as be sustainable.

Our submittal exhibited our approach to each of the requirements.  In particular a high degree of flexibility is achieved by use of a ceiling grid configured to accommodate various display and divider panels in a multitude of configurations.




5,400 Phase 1 - Renovation

2,200 Phase 2 - Boiler Room Conversion to                              Exhibition Area & 

                           Multipurpose Room

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