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Burnett Station

Burnett Station Escalator 4_No Fades
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The Harris County Transit Authority (METRO) commissioned Huerta & Associates Architects through Brown & Gay Engineers to design the installation of new escalators and protective cover to facilitate commuter access to and from an existing bus terminal and an existing light rail terminal located 35 feet above.


Some of the requirements to be incorporated into the new design were:

Ÿ Compatibility with the design of the existing facility

Ÿ Ease of maintenance

Ÿ Security

Ÿ Environmentally friendly and energy efficient


The 4,400 s.f. escalator and stair cover is a stepped roof design.  The structure is an approximate 5’ X 5” steel tube grid.  The glazing consists of lightly tinted transparent polycarbonate panels attached to the structure with stainless steel spider connections.




4,400 New Construction

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