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Houston Residence

Two major issues influenced the design of the residence.  The first was that the design should reflect the owner’s life style.  The second was that the design be both distinctive and complement the existing home style of the neighborhood.


The neighborhood houses are 1960’s ranch style.  Two features of the ranch style house are low-pitched roofs and larger than normal roof overhangs.


The design for the new residence incorporated these features as well as enhances the design by exaggerating the roof overhang,  incorporating Oklahoma Flagstone, the use of ornamental glass and ornamental iron gates at the entrance.


The resultant design emulates the “prairie style” house and the stained glass is Frank Lloyd Wright’s “eucalyptus design”.


Houston’s severe summer weather precludes the use of outdoor spaces for most of the year.  For this reason, a glass conservatory is used to allow year round enjoyment of the lushly landscaped back yard and pool.




2,600 New Construction

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