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Jack Yates High School

As an Associate Architect member of the Moody Nolan Architecture AE Team, Huerta & Associates Architects’ participation included providing architectural services for all phases of the Project.  The main areas of responsibility included participation in the design charrette, site work (including coordination of the civil and landscaping services), vertical circulation, doors & hardware, construction administration, and post construction services.


The new 21st Century Yates High School is located in Houston’s Historic Third Ward between the University of Houston and Texas Southern University.  Yates High School is the focal point of the Third Ward area which has great significance to Houston’s

African-American Community (past, present, and future).


The new school is a state of the art facility designed for 21st Century Learning.  It is equipped with the latest technology and designed for flexibility to accommodate project based, group, and individual learning.  The building is designed to achieve LEED silver certification.  Site amenities include football, baseball, softball, and tennis practice fields.  The main pedestrian access is a beautiful tree lined walk “Lions Way”.  New parking will accommodate 316 cars with a car drop-off to the south and bus drop-off to the north.




210,000 New Construction

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